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How-To Information

Caller ID

Caller ID allows you to see the phone number of an incoming caller.
A Caller I.D. box is required and is available from the telephone company or may be purchased elsewhere.

Call Number & Name Blocking

If you do not wish your number and name delivered to the party you are calling, you must dial *67 before each call. You will hear a beep tone and may then dial the desired number. This feature is deactivated after each call and must be reactivated if you wish to block delivery with the next call.

Call Waiting

Notifies you of an incoming call while engaged in an existing conversation. Gives you the option of answering the incoming call while placing the current call on hold.

During a normal conversation, the subscriber will hear a Call-Waiting tone to indicate a new caller is waiting. The Call Waiting tone is a single beep. Depressing the switchhook (momentarily hanging up) will place the current caller on hold. The subscriber is then connected to the new caller, with the original caller being placed on hold. To return to the original call, simply depress the switchhook once again (momentarily hanging up). The call is returned to the original caller. Each call is private and cannot be heard by the other caller.

Cancel Call Waiting

Allows a subscriber to disable the call-waiting feature for the duration of a call.


Lift the handset and dial the cancel call waiting activation code(*70). Listen for a special tone to insure you were successful. You can now make a call without the call-waiting feature. Normally this is when you would make your dial-up connection. When you hang up, the Cancel Call Waiting feature is turned off. It must be activated for each call. This is a separate feature and must be requested by the customer. Cancel Call Waiting does not automatically accompany Call Waiting.

Three Way Calling

Allows you to add a third party to an existing conversation.

Establish a normal two-party call. Depress the switchhook. Dial tone is returned and the first party is put on hold. Dial the second number. When the ringing party answers, depress the switchhook to connect all parties. It is not necessary to wait for the second party to answer before joining the call.

Call Forwarding

Allows a subscriber to forward any calls received, to another number.

*72 and *73
Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone. Dial *72. Again, listen for dial tone. Now dial the number where you wish your calls forwarded. When someone answers at the forwarded number, call forwarding is put into effect. If there’s no answer, or the line is busy, hang up and repeat the previous steps. If you do this within two minutes, you hear two beeps meaning your Call Forwarding feature is activated. Once you have activated Call Forwarding, the phone will make one short ring each time a call is forwarded. However, you can still make out-going calls from this phone. To deactivate Call Forwarding, lift the receiver, listen for dial tone, then dial *73. Listen for two beeps. Call Forwarding is now deactivated.

Call Forward Busy

Allows the customer to forward calls to another number when their main number is busy.

*90 and *91
Lift the handset and listen for dial tone. Dial the Call Forward Busy activation code of *90 and listen for the second dial tone. Enter the number you want to forward call to; i.e., *90, pause, listen for special dial tone, dial 837-XXXX. Call must be answered for the forwarding feature to be activated, or the entire process must be repeated in 20 seconds. If the call is repeated two times within a short time frame with no answer, the forwarding feature is also activated. Push *91 to deactivate this feature.

Voice Mail (Louisburg Only)

Allows the customer automated voice mail service on their phone line.

Activate Call Forward Don’t Answer per instruction preceding. Call Forward to 837-9980. Dial 837-9980 and listen for options. To set up service, select option 9 and follow instructions. Call Forward Don’t Answer must be activated for voice mail to work.

Speed Call 8 (*74) or Speed Call 30 (*75)

Allows a subscriber to dial frequently called numbers using a short two-digit code.

*74 or *75
Lift the handset and listen for dial tone. Enter the one-digit code for the person you want to call, add the new number, press the # button. You will hear a confirmation tone indicating your Speed Calling number is established. To make a call, lift the handset and dial the two-digit code and you call will be dialed automatically.

Teen Line

Provides two phone numbers with a unique ring for each.

When the phone starts ringing, wait until the full ringing pattern is complete before answering. The main number will have one long ring, and the second number will have two short rings.

Automatic Callback-Local Only

Allows a subscriber to have their phone redial a busy number for up to 30 minutes. (Kansas Only)

*66 and *86
If you receive a busy tone when making a call, depress the switchhook. When you hear a special tone, dial *66 if the line is still busy and then hang up. The switch will check the called number for up to 30 minutes. Once the number is available, a special distinctive ring will be returned to your phone when the call does go through. Push *66 to turn this feature on, and *86 to turn this feature off.

Automatic Recall-Local Only

Automatically calls the last person that you called.

*69 and *89
Listen for the dial tone. Dial *69. The switch will dial the number of the last incoming call. If that number is busy, the switch will continue trying to place the call for up to 30 minutes. *89 deactivates this feature.

Selective Call Forwarding-Local Only

Allows a subscriber to forward calls from any party that is programmed on the subscriber’s Selective Call Forwarding list.

Lift the handset and listen for dial tone. Dial the selective Call Forwarding activation code of *63 and listen for the instructions. Dial 3 to turn on and off. To remove/add numbers, follow the instructions.

Selective Call Rejecting-Local Only

Allows a subscriber to reject or block calls from any party that is programmed on the subscriber’s Selective Call Forwarding Rejection list. The rejection/blocked caller is re-routed to a rejected/blocked call announcement.

Lift the handset and dial *60 to Activate and follow the instructions. To deactivate or modify your rejection list, push *60 and follow the instructions.

Anonymous Call Rejection-Local Only

Allows a subscriber to reject/block a call if the calling party’s number is restricted or hidden.

Lift the handset and listen for dial tone. Then dial *77 and listen for the confirmation tone/announcement. Push *87 to turn off this feature.

Distinctive Ring-Local Only

Provides the customer with a distinctive ring or call waiting tone (if the customer has subscribed to call waiting_, when the customer is called from a list of preselected telephone numbers.

Dial *61 to activate, then follow instructions.

Remote call forwarding

Allows a subscriber to rent a directory number and calls to this number are automatically forwarded to a number of the customer’s choice. The forwarding number is entered by the telephone company employee at the Central Office.