New Customers


If you have chosen a long distance carrier other than MoKan Communications, you will need to contact them directly to activate your service and set up an account. You will receive a separate billing from the long distance carrier. Calls outside of the 48 contiguous states may vary from the standard calling plans. Please call ahead for rates.

There will be a one time connect charge of $20.00 for Kansas customers and $2.40 for Missouri customers. Any jack installation and/or wiring will be billed as additional charges.

Recurring monthly Local Service and Internet charges are billed in advance. Long Distance calls are billed in arrears. Depending on the effective date of your service, your first billing may be for a period of more than 30 days. This also applies to any additional services you acquire at a future date.

In most cases, MoKan Dial does not charge a deposit to activate service. We do ask for a $75 pre-payment that will be applied to your first billing to offset the service charges and prorated recurring local service charges. MoKan Dial does reserve the right to charge a service deposit if determined from previous credit history.

Payments are due upon receipt of billing statement. Monthly statements are dated the 16th of the month. If payment is not received prior to the 1st of the month, you will receive a late notice. Kansas customers will be billed a $1.25 late notice charge if a notice is mailed. The late notice will advise the disconnect date – this will vary from month to month, usually around the 10th of the month. If payment arrangements need to be made, please call our office prior to the disconnect date. If payment is not received by 9:00 am on the date stated on the notice, service will be disconnected. A reconnect fee of $20.00 for Kansas customers and $2.40 for Missouri customers will apply.

In order to obtain information on an account, a person must be authorized to do so and will be required to provide a picture ID. Account information requested by phone will require a pre-established password.