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MoKan Dial, Inc. will issue a bill not less than every 28 days or more than 31 days (except for number changes), outlining your toll calls, local service charges and Federal, State, and local taxes. Payment will be due upon receipt, and will become delinquent 15 days after mailing. In the event your bill becomes delinquent, a 10 day notice will be sent before disconnecting your service.

A reconnect charge will be applied if your service is disconnected. Under our billing procedures and subject to rules established by the Kansas Corporation Commission and the Missouri Public Service Commission, we may require a deposit or a guarantee of payment. In the event your bill becomes delinquent when a member of your family has a medical emergency, please call the Business Office and we may continue your telephone service during such an emergency for up to 21 days.

Our telephone number is (913) 837-2219 or (800) 758-1715. Arrangements can also be made with our Business Office to avoid discontinuance during a period of absence from your home. We will make every effort to clarify and resolve all disputes. Payment methods accepted are Cash, Check, ACH, VISA, MASTERCARD, & DISCOVER.

Our Business Office is open from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday (except holidays), for handling inquires by telephone or by a personal visit.


You have the right to file a formal or informal complaint with the Kansas Corporation Commission, which regulates this telephone company. The KCC can be reached in Topeka at (785) 271-3140, or toll free at (800) 662-0027, should you wish to pursue a dispute with any regulated utility by formal or informal complaint.


Our Freemen Missouri operations are regulated by the Missouri Public Service Commission. You can make an informal complaint in writing, by telephone, or by personal appearance to the Commission without the need of legal assistance. The commission’s office is located at the Governor’s Office Building, 200 Madison St., PO Box 360, Jefferson City, MO. 65102-0360, and their toll free number is (800) 392-4211.

Also the Missouri Public Counsel representing the public before the Public Service Commission has an office in the Governor’s Office Building, 200 Madison St., PO Box 360, Jefferson City, MO. 65102-0360.