Wiring and Equipment Options


The Telephone Company provides and maintains service up to your demarcation point, which is the point of physical interconnection (connecting block, terminal strip, jack, protector, or telephone network interface device) between the telephone network and your premises wiring. Inside wiring includes all wire or cable located on your side of the demarcation point.

MoKan Communications Inc. offers an Inside Wire Maintenance Contract for $1.95 per month. This covers repair to any existing inside wiring at your location. A service charge would apply to any new jacks or wiring installed. The costs is $65.00 for the 1st jack and $45.00 each additional for Residential and then for Business the costs is $90.00 for 1st jack and $75.00 each additional. Additions or changes to rental property require approval from owner. If existing wiring cannot be repaired, MoKan Communications reserves the right to replace existing wiring. Business locations that have been prewired by contractor or that have wiring via a conduit system may not be eligible for the Maintenance Program.

Pre-wiring of new residential locations can also be done by MoKan Communications. Service charge of $25 for the first jack and $15 for each additional jack installed at the service call.

If a customer does NOT enroll in the Maintenance Plan, and trouble is reported on the line by the customer, a $25 trip charge will apply if the trouble is caused by faulty wiring or equipment. Additional charges to repair the wiring would also apply.

With the exception of a few customers that are leasing telephones from MoKan, the Telephone equipment is the responsibility of the customer. If you are a customer that has been leasing equipment and you replace the equipment with new phones, be sure to return the old equipment so we can remove the charge from your monthly billing.